Privacy Policy

Energy Village Privacy Statement


Energy Village (EV) is committed to honoring the privacy of visitors to our website, This privacy policy governs any personal and business information collected from visitors to the EV web site. Our goal is to protect online information with the same diligence that we protect information obtained through other means.

Information collection and use

EV collects information about each visitor to our website in two ways: (1) through any email correspondences you send to us, and (2) when you submit information using an online order/input form on one of our webpages. EV does not share any of this information with third parties or outside sources, unless as needed to verify a credit card transaction or under a court order.

(1) Email Correspondence

Unless specifically requested, any email messages you send to EV, including your email address, are kept private and will not be disclosed to third parties.

(2) Online Input and Order Forms

Unless specified by the form, all information submitted to EV using our online input and order forms are kept private and will not be disclosed to third parties.


The EV website contains links to other websites. EV is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of sites other than the EV website.


EV may occasionally send announcements to selected contacts on future products and services or on the behalf of other nonprofits. We do not provide your name and address to other nonprofits. Donors, prospective donors, and others may receive correspondence from EV after submitting a donation or other communication through EV’s website. You may opt-out or change your information at any time. See below for information about how you can contact us.

Contacting us

If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy on our website, please contact us at:

Energy Village
392 East 3rd St, #204
Eugene, OR 97401

Email: contact [at]

Phone: (541) 359-3591