tree_handsEveryone’s energy is important to create the Village.
EV is an educational charity (501(c)3) facilitating individuals, programs, and special events that inspire curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

“Energy Village is an investment in human ecology. Like an ecosystem Energy Village fosters unity in diversity. Life is a great tapestry of individual threads woven together into a whole we call the biosphere. In nature everything overlaps, everything is interdependent, and cooperation is fundamental for life to function and endure. Ecosystems are communities of diverse species that are self-sustaining through cooperation.
Energy Village brings together diverse human needs, skills, talents, vision and enterprise to empower collaboration. its purpose is to enrich the spirit of community, its harmony and validity by linking together its parts for a greater good.”

- Joshua Smith.

Established in 2004, Energy village brings people together, with the explicit intent of expanding, and sharing knowledge and understanding of our relationship to the world and each other. We provide places, projects and events through which people can gather in an atmosphere of intellectual and personal growth. Events include classes, seminars, retreats, festivals and symposiums. Projects include creation of intentional community, exploration of sustainable technology and lifestyle, fundamental scientific research, production of documentaries, publications, and the creation of cultural and educational centers.

In 2016 we added Financially Educate Me (FEM) as an online educational project to help people and communities improve their financial understanding and situation. Acknowledging the importance of individuals finances to the community we have added educational programs and consumer assistance programs solely dealing with consumer finance. The need for financially strong individuals is a key factor for a financially strong community. The current US deficient shows us that consumer financial education and assistance programs are long overdue.